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Student Outcomes

  • Our Children, Our priority:  I want to address the achievement disparities that exist within our district and take a strategic approach in caring for our students’ needs--both in and out of the classroom.

  • College Preparation & Workforce Development: There are a lot of options for students to pursue after high school. Regardless of their decision, our students should be prepared for college and the workforce. That’s why strategic partnerships will be key in creating a successful future for KCPS students.

Teacher Assisting a Student
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Parent & Community Engagement

  • Parent Voice, Parent Choice: Parents are our most valued partners, I want to create a space for all parents to be engaged and empowered to support their students during their educational journey.

  • Responsive Leadership: KCPS parents and the community deserve to be heard. I would like to amplify their voices by creating more opportunities for parents for shared dialogue, partnership, and decision making.

Listen, Learn, and Lead 

  • If elected, I will prioritize listening and learning from all stakeholders. I understand that I am responsible for implementing the values and vision of our community.


Fresh Perspective and Insights

  • A Comprehensive Approach to Challenges: Like many of our parents, I am also concerned about the lasting effects of COVID-19, a decrease in enrollment, and providing critical resources to our families most in need.

  • Reimagining Innovation:  Our students deserve access to an interdisciplinary education. If elected, I would like to work to establish blended learning opportunities like Montessori and language immersion or performing arts and college prep, so students can enhance their educational experience.

  • Race, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: In order to move forward, we must acknowledge our history and the role that it has played in our educational system. It is important to me that the school board work together to address inequities, improve cultural competency among teachers, and recruit/retain more educators/ faculty of color.